Our Staff

The school employs a director/teacher and two teachers who have credentials in early childhood education. They are responsible for planning and implementing the daily program. Two parent participants work each day under the guidance of the teachers. The child/adult ratio is twenty-two to five.

Parent Participation

Since Piedmont Play School is a cooperative preschool, a member of each family works in the classroom twice a month under the teachers' supervision. Additionally, the parents perform the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the school and its building. School business is handled during regular monthly meetings and by the parent-run executive board. Each parent has an administrative or supportive job to help with the smooth operation of the school. This allows us to keep tuition low and provides parents a chance to participate in their child's preschool experience. Parents benefit from the opportunity to learn teaching and parenting skills from the staff and other parents. Your Play School involvement is both rewarding and fun.