Our Program

We believe that children learn best through lively interaction with their environment. Our integrated curriculum includes art activities, music, science, cognitive games and puzzles, cooking, carpentry, water play, story time, sharing, group games, enriching visitors and field trips. Our goal is to stimulate the children while building their self-esteem and self-confidence. To this end, we incorporate many open-ended and hands-on activities using a variety of materials, and we emphasize art as a process and not as a product.

A typical day begins with a welcoming greeting and an invitation to try two new art projects. During the first hour of supervised free play, the child may also choose to explore:

  • A daily activity at the manipulative table
  • The drawing table with paper, scissors, crayons, markers, and stickers
  • The tactile table with play dough, cornmeal, colored rice or beans
  • The science area with our pet guinea pig, magnifying glasses, and other treasures
  • The "playing house" area or the "dress up" area with costumes and hats
  • A stimulating variety of puzzles, trains, blocks, trucks, Legos, and other manipulative toys: or
  • A good book on a cozy lap on the couch.

Circle time begins after free play. The children love to sing songs, listen to stories, do finger plays and musical games and participate in science experiments at circle. Our strong language arts program encourages the children to speak up and share their experiences and to listen to their friends during this special time.

After circle time the children go outside to play. Bikes, digging in the sandbox, chalk, balls, bubbles and other outdoor activities are available. When the children come in, a nutritious snack awaits them. A restful small circle time follows with sharing and books. Afterward, the children enjoy more time outside. The day ends with a closing circle.

Our regular school curriculum is enriched by a program of visitors and field trips. Sulphur Creek's visits thrill the children with live animals. We enjoy visits to the Piedmont Fire Department and Piedmont Park. We also have taken field trips to the pumpkin patch and Crab Cove. Parents (and Grandparents, too!) enhance our program by sharing their own special talents and hobbies, such as storytelling, drawing, music, and origami.